Curriculum Vitae

Brendan Kirby, P.E.

(865) 250-0753   KIRBYBJ@IEEE.ORG
Professional Experience:

2008-Present:        Consulting privately with numerous clients including the National Renewable Energy
Laboratory, AWEA, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, EPRI and others. He served on the NERC Standards
Committee. He recently retired as a senior researcher with the Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Power
Systems Research Program. He has 36 years of electric utility experience and has published over 150
papers, articles, and reports on ancillary services, wind integration, restructuring, the use of responsive
load as a bulk system reliability resource, and power system reliability. He has a patent for responsive
loads providing real-power regulation and is the author of a NERC certified course on Introduction to Bulk
Power Systems: Physics / Economics / Regulatory Policy.

1994-2008:        Sr. Researcher, Power Systems Research Program, Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
Research interests include electric industry restructuring, unbundling of ancillary services, wind
integration, distributed resources, demand side response, energy storage, renewable resources,
advanced analysis techniques, and power system security. In addition to the research topics listed above
activities have included: NYISO Environmental Advisory Council, assignment to FERC Technical Staff to
support reliability efforts including NERC/FERC reliability readiness audits, Technical Advisory Committee
for the 2006 Minnesota Wind Integration Study, DOE Investigation Team for the 2003 Blackout, the IEEE
SCC 21 Distributed Generation Interconnection Standard working group, DOE National Transmission Grid
Study, staff to the DOE Task Force on Electric System Reliability, and NERC IOS Working Group. Conducted
research projects concerning restructuring for the NRC, DOE, EEI, numerous utilities, state regulators, and

Consulting: Consulting privately with utilities, renewable generators, AWEA, ISO/RTOs, IPPs, loads,
interest groups, regulators, and others on electric utility restructuring and other issues. Testified as an
expert witness in FERC and state litigation.

1991 to 1994:        Power Analysis Department Head, Technical Analysis and Operations Division.  
Primary responsibility was to support the Department of Energy in the management of 5000 MW of
uranium enrichment capacity. The most significant feature of this load was that 2000 MW were procured
on the spot energy market from multiple suppliers requiring rapid response to changing market
conditions. Support included technical support for power contract negotiations, development of the real-
time energy management strategy, managing the development of a computer based operator assistant
to aid in making real-time power purchase decisions. Conducted computer based simulations of the loads
and the interconnected network which supplies them. Simulations included large scale load flows, short
circuit studies, and transient stability studies. They also included extensive specialized modeling for
analysis of electrical, mechanical, and thermal performance under balanced and unbalanced conditions.
Responsible for maintaining close ties with technical personnel from the various utilities which supply
power to the diffusion complex to exchange data and perform joint studies.

Provided consultation services on a large range of power system concerns including: cogeneration
opportunities, power supply for the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory M.F.T.F. facility, capacity at
EURODIF, power supply for the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, power supply for large pulsed fusion loads,
and wheeling.

1985 to 1991:        Electric Power Planning Section Head, Enrichment Technical Operations Division with
substantially the same responsibilities as stated above.

1977 to 1985:        Technical Computing Specialist, Electrical Engineering and Small Computing Section,
Computing and Telecommunications Division.  Time was evenly divided between power system studies as
described above and minicomputer work.  The minicomputer work supported laboratory data collection
and experiment control.

1975 to 1976:        Engineer, Electrical Engineering Department, Long Island Lighting Company,
Hicksville, New York.  Responsible for electrostatic and magnetic field strength modeling as well as sound
level testing and analysis.

1977 - M.S.E.E., power option, Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Worked under a Department of Transportation contract studying more efficient means of energy use in
rail systems.
1975 - B.S.E.E., Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pa., cum laude, Eta Kappa Nu, the Electrical
Engineering Honorary, and Phi Eta Sigma, the freshman Honorary.

Professional Affiliations and Awards:
-        Licensed professional engineer
-        Patent 7,536,240: Real Power Regulation For The Utility Power Grid Via Responsive Load
-        1985, 1986, 1987, 1990, and 1992 Awards for power system related work
-        Senior Member of the IEEE and the IEEE Power Engineering Society
-        Former DOE Q clearance